martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

A Gift for Each and Every One of You

Someone very dear to me gave me this video once, as a gift. I wanted to share it with you. It has taught me that we are all special in some way, and that it is wonderful to discover the miracle in each person. We all need to be loved, though sometimes we express it in violent ways. Saying what you truly need requires lots of courage and we may feel ashamed to do so. But it feels great when we feel accepted for what we are.
Marshall Rosemberg- a mediator at wars- says that aggression is the most tragic expression of unmet needs. I see the truth in his statement every single day on my life. At home, at work, with my family. If only we could see through to hear the hidden needs! I hope you enjoy it! I suggest watching it again once you discover who the strange man is. It conveys a completely different understanding.All my love to each and every one of you. I'll be missing you!

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Task for August 25th - Steve Jobs' amazing speech.


For those of you who do not know, Steve Jobs is the founder and CEO of Apple , Pixar and many other leading companies. This is the opening speech he delivered at Standford Univerity. Imagine he is talking to you and write an essay extrapolating Steve Jobs' idea of connecting the dots to your own life. Hand it in on August 25th.

I hope you enjoy it!